In the interest of your health, I work every day with specialists in the fields of sports and dietetics, creating unique and tailored programs for YOU. Anna Sadowska and Damian Nawa are experts from Poland who have achieved numerous successes on European markets.


I owe the advertising, recordings and live streaming to Rafał Pyszka the owner of RosMedia company. 


Anna Sadowska

Clinical nutritionist and psycho-nutritionist. Graduate of the Silesian Medical University. She received the title of "Nutritionist of the Year 2019" in the "Beauty Masters" referendum. In her work with patients, she not only prescribes a diet, but also pays special attention to the approach to nutrition and the relationship with food.


She is an expert who shows you that dieting is finally no longer a problem. By working with Anna you will be looked after by a nutritionist who not only offers consultations, but above all regular contact.


Together you choose a strategy taking into account all possibilities and goals. Anna shows how easy and delicious healthy food is. She is also the author of numerous e-books and webinars.

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Damian Nawa

Graduated from the University of Physical Education and Sports in Katowice, sports trainer, fitness trainer and one of the best and most experienced roller skating and ice skating instructors in Europe. The founder of the Skating School in Poland, where he teaches children and adults at all levels with full professionalism and patience. He can also be found on YouTube, where he built his channel in the field of inline skates and ice skating.


Husband and father of two wonderful children, ice hockey lover who loves personal development. He promotes a healthy lifestyle by combining exercise, proper nutrition and mental training.


Rafał Pyszka

Rosmedia headed by Rafał Pyszka, has its own audio and video production equipment and producers with over 12 years of experience in many areas of live live television and internet production. For people with disabilities, Rosmedia provides live broadcasts with sign language.


Thanks to the experience of the production team, you will effectively present your company on the market. You will be able to show in a very professional way what you are doing and who you are. Experienced specialties of our company will create a concept and a film script for you. Our team of analysts will develop tailored communication strategy for the targeted customer group. The above components are used to create films and animations that are necessary to promote your business, brand and your products.


As a certified partner of YouTube / Facebook Business Partner, RosMedia manages over 200 YouTube / Facebook / Instagram channels. MCN permissions protect your audio and video content from unauthorized distribution. Thanks to promotional campaigns carried out by RosMedia in GDN / Facebook and other networks, you will reach a wider audience with your marketing message.

Professional live broadcasts / live streaming from multiple cameras:


• Concerts / music competitions / festivals

• sport events

• conferences

• events

• presentations

• fashion shows 

• product demonstrations

• game shows

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