We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. 


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Hours, days and months are passing like a short moment. We often have to wonder what day of the week or year it is. Do you sometimes think how many cups of coffee you have drunk today (two or maybe three)? Have you ever eaten your meal while watching TV or viewing messages on your phone and then wondered where and when your food disappeared from the plate? Or maybe you noticed that while driving, lost in thought, you overlooked the highway exit?


However, the most important question now is - do you still want to live your life carelessly, acting "automatically", or will you choose a real, conscious and happy life?

My main goal is to help you grow, find YOUR life path and show you how your thoughts can influence the creation of your world.


I am absolutely convinced of the quality of the training and can recommend Ms. Magdalena Copenhagen with a clear conscience. She excels in competence and empathy. The seminars are very lively and humorous, they are fun and the days flew by. We were shown a lot of practical exercises and were able to do them ourselves.

Arno Müller, media expert and entrepreneur