In America and England, hypnosis has been a practiced form of psychotherapy for decades, and since 2006 it has been recognized and scientifically confirmed by the medical world, also in Germany.

Very often we have misconceptions about hypnosis. Most misunderstandings concern the hypnotic state and phenomena that occur during the trance. Hypnosis is a specific mental state of deep relaxation during which a person gains better access to his or her subconscious mind, emotions and memory resources.


The condition of a person undergoing hypnosis can be defined as a state of altered consciousness resembling a half-sleep, at the same time being fully aware. This is a conscious focus on specific stimuli, so that a person's critical judgments are partially suspended. Thanks to this, the hypnotist, by giving suggestions, has a chance to reach the subconscious mind of the person in trance.



I'm offering you:


  • Self-hypnosis, meditation and relaxation techniques, to help you relese stress and burnout;

  • coping with chronic pain ;

  • Forgiveness , you will learn how to forgive yourself and others;

  • Relief from fears and phobias , such as: fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of dogs, injections, spiders, snakes, etc., fear of dentist, fear of small, narrow spaces (claustrophobia), and much more;

  • Become a non-smoker ;

  • Weight reduction throught hypnosis and simple rules you will successfully lose weight;

  • and much more ...



The outcome and success of hypnosis is influenced by very individual factors and can vary from person to person. I can give no guarantees, I don't make any medical diagnoses and make no promises of healing. Under no circumstances my work with you can't be replaced with medical or psychiatric intervention. I don't prescribe or give any medications. I have the right to decide whether to start or refuse therapy in some cases. All sessions are strictly confidential.


In my work I use behavioral - cognitive therapy, hypnosis and NLP (neurolinguistic programming).





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Payment  & procedure

First treatment


The first treatment consists of a detailed preliminary discussion (approx. 60 minutes) in which the therapist gets a more precise picture of the problem. On the basis of the preliminary discussion, the actual hypnosis takes place, which also takes about 60 minutes.



90 minutes


Lost hours or cancellation


If appointments are canceled by the client within 4 days (working days), 50% of the agreed fee is due. Appointments that are canceled for less than 48 hours (on workdays) or are canceled without cancellation by the client will be charged at 100%.

Follow-up treatment


Determined by the scope and complexity of the problem, further hypnosis sessions can take place. Depending on the issue, lasting changes are possible after only 2 - 5 hypnosis sessions. Basically, I also work according to the principle - we have only as many sessions as really necessary.



60 Minuten