Workshops & Company Trainings

In my work as a trainer, I constantly look for creative, effective and innovative solutions for companies that could improve and speed up their operational work. During my trainings, your colleagues will learn various mental strategies and techniques and acquire the ability to think outside the box, which leads to effective problem solving and a new look at given data.


A well-functioning team is the heart of every company, which is why I offer my clients individually tailored training and workshops. In my offer you can find:



  • Synergy & communication in a team - a training precisely tailored to the needs of your company. It strongly emphasizes the motivation to go into new thinking and action, inter alia aimed at improving team cooperation and enhancing communication with clients. The main assumptions of the training are: based on win-win strategy team communication, body language, decision-making strategies, changes limiting beliefs and activating supporters);

  • Personal development and talent management - including: developing of talented employees, identifying their strengths and resources, mental strategies for holistic success;

  • Successful in business - mental success strategies, changes limiting beliefs, time management, setting and achieving goals, memory training;

  • The art of presentation and public speaking - creative and convincing presentation, stage fright and fear of public speaking, storytelling; 

  • Creativity - innovation through future competence - how to react flexibly to changes and new challenges, make quick decisions and generate creative ideas in the hectic pace of everyday life;

  • Stress management - you will learn about mindfulness, breathing techniques and visualization, dialogue with your own body and how to reduce stressful situations;

  • and much more…


Because the right choice of topic is extremely important for any company, after the initial conversation I will gladly present you with a non-binding and individually tailored offer (it depends on the subject and the size of the order, location and number of participants).